Mr. Harper – Canadian Youth Won’t Take No For an Answer

Further to the last post on our federal government and pipeline companies’ inability to adjust to a paradigm shift in the energy development arena, the Canadian Youth delegation, along with 60 signatories such as Greenpeace Canada, Canadian Labour Congress and Sierra Club Canada, wrote an open letter to the Harper government demanding action on climate change.

The letter is found on one of the signatory’s,, web site, and can be read by clicking on the link above.

The gauntlet has been thrown, months from the next federal election. The door is also open for Mr. Mulcair or Mr. Trudeau to take a strong stance with Canadian youth, First Nations and all concerned Canadians about climate change and Canada’s detrimental stance.

The following are a couple of exerts from the open letter :

“We, the Canadian Youth Delegation, stand alongside the millions of young people worldwide who refuse to inherit a planet in crisis. We stand beside Indigenous peoples, front-line communities, people of colour and low income populations who are living the frightening realities and injustices of climate change, and who will continue to be disproportionately impacted in the absence of sufficient action.”

“You have the opportunity to be a leader in creating a just transition to a clean energy future, but you consistently fail to rise to the challenge. By now, any excuses for delay have long expired, yet we anticipate with heavy hearts that you will continue to stall negotiations at COP 20 and promote carbon-intensive projects at home. If this is the case, we will continue to challenge the ongoing development of the single most destructive development anywhere on Earth, and we will not give up until you acknowledge and take urgent and ambitious action to demonstrate that our future is more important to you than the money in your pockets, the oil on your hands, or the power you hold. To us, our future is everything, and we will do all that we can to protect it. Let it echo through the halls and boardrooms of every legislating body and corporate headquarters in this country: we deserve better.”


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Caroline Kalaydjian

In 2005, I left the corporate arena to assist small and medium sized businesses capture their vast potential. I encouraged owners and managers to incorporate agility, creativity, productivity and efficiency throughout their business operations. Today, I marry my concerns for ethical business, politics, socio-economics, youth advocacy, poverty, social justice, and geopolitics with my first love, that of writing. Both as a freelance business storyteller, on Business Architect, and in everyday analysis on this site, I hope to shed light on the converging threads that bind society to the every-day impact of decisions made in the public and private realms.

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